There is no better advice than this simple one: work on your assets!

Keva, the Finnish Government Pension institution, one of the largest Pension Fundas, published the 2021 preliminary results and reported that Private Equity (PE) was the most performing branch, outperforming all other activities (from the most conservative to the riskiest).

Private Equity generated an average annual return of 17.2% over the past 10 years. And the secret of this success was shared by the CEO Jaakko Kiander and his team: Work on your investment portfolio!

The environment is of course contributing to those results, high valuations during 2021 are helpful, but not the only factor. Keva’s PE portfolio is built to withstand the market variations.

Keva PE group consistently selected high-quality assets and developed them over the years.

At Health Economia, we do like such an approach. We are here to help you to select your life sciences assets, develop, and exit when the appropriate value inflexion point is reached.

Keva Press Release


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